BCEQ’s Comments to the State about the City’s Direct Discharge Pollution Plan

Sometimes noted as MS4, it is the way the city handles direct stormwater discharges into our waterbodies. The Bronx Council for Environmental Quality comments on the 2015 amended plan, which is still not good enough. Read all about it.

Also attached is the City’s comments last year, stating that they just had too much to do and could not keep up with this program. This even though they admit it is half the runoff in the city — or 80 billion gallons of water entering our waterbodies untreated. Ugh!

Strange as it seems, the only consent order the city has been able to follow is the Croton Water Treatment Plant. This $4 billion plant was built to handle the problem of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Croton Lake in Westchester, and because it would not meet the THMS and HAAS in the future. Here is a NYC DEP document that proves that even now, twenty years later, the Croton Drinking water passes those tests with flying colors.